The Children’s Depression Inventory 2 (CDI-2)

The CDI-2 is a 28-item self-report questionnaire assessing current cognitive, affective, and behavioral signs of depression in children and adolescents (ages 7 – 17). Two scales (emotional problems and functional problems) and 4 subscales (negative mood/physical symptoms, negative self-esteem, interpersonal problems, and ineffectiveness) are assessed for the past two weeks on a 4-point scale.

Domains Assessed: Depression and Mood

Note: This assessment is given to children ages 7–17 years old.


Kovacs, M. (2004). Children’s depression inventory (CDI). Toronto, Canada: Multi-Health Systems.

Kovacs, M. (1985). The Children’s Depression, Inventory (CDI). Psychopharmacology Bulletin 21(4): 995-998.

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